Speakers & Schedule 2014

The TransormatLab takes place over 4 sessions.

Week 1 - June 7-13, 2014, in the UK
Week 2 - June 23- 28, 2014, in Budapest
Week 3 - July 7-11, 2014, in Paris
Week 4 - Sept 1-5, 2014, in Cardiff

Some of the masterclasses and networking events will be open to other students to attend and will be listed here

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Schedules 2014

  • Session #1 Sheffield and Newport

    Sheffield Doc/Fest & University of South Wales, Newport City Campus - June

    Attendance at Sheffield Doc/Fest Interactive
    Development processes and planning workshop - Adam Martin
    Cross-media producing masterclass - Kevin Moss
    Cross-media storyworlds - Adipat Virdi
    IP and asset exploitation - Erica Wolfe Murray
    Pervasive gaming and brands - Yello Brick
    Channel 4 Multiplatform production - Jody Smith
    Networking drinks with UK film producers on Film Junction (Ffilm Cymru Wales scheme)
    Ideas labs and networking dinners

  • Session #2 Budapest

    MOME, Budapest - June

    Idea development workshops
    Case Study masterclass with Brickflow
    Multiplatform pipeline masterclass with Eucroma's Troels Linde
    Introduction to Creative Technology Lab at MOME
    Studio visit and hands on workshop with Kitchen Budapest
    Visit to CarnationGroup creative studio
    Interaction Modalities Workshop workshop with Agoston Nagy and Bence Samu 
    Pitching workshop with Natalia Fabics
    Networking Garden Party

  • Session #3 Paris

    Les Gobelins, Paris - July

    Interaction Deisgn and UX masterclasses with Etienne Mineur, Beatrice Lartigue and Nicolas Esposito
    Studio Visit to Upian
    Monetisation masterclass with Jade Raad, Channel 4
    Pitching sessions to 9 European broadcasters and digital production companies
    Networking receptions and dinners

  • Session #4 Cardiff

    University of South Wales, Atrium Campus, Cardiff - Sept

    Prototype Development Lab with mentors
    Budgeting and Scheduling masterclass with Antonio Gould
    Pitching panel with UK production companies and organisations
    One to one advice with Erica Wolfe Murray, Lola Media, Adipat Virdi, Transmediology and Percy Emmet
    Final pitches to Jody Smith (Channel 4), Erica, Percy, Adipat Virdi and others
    Industry networking reception
    Studio visits to Aardman Animation, Rubber Republic and Mubaloo in Bristol

Speakers & Pitching Panelists 2014

  • Intelligent Creativity Masterclass: Erica Wolfe-Murray, Lola TV

    IP advisor, brand and business analyst, Emmy nominated documentary producer and more.

    Founder of Lola Media, Erica Wolfe-Murray lives and breathes innovation. She is closely involved with some of the UK's most dynamic small companies as well as brands such as Harvey Nichols, National
    Geographic TV Int and UK Parliament.

    For Transform@lab, Erica will launch the participants into a speeded-up, fast-paced Intelligent Creativity session.  Drawing on a range of tendril ideas and live projects, they will be encouraged to push their creativity using simple tools to develop innovative cross-platform ideas, that access different markets, evolve new business models and search out potential revenue streams.  Ways of thinking and skills learned in the session will be useful throughout the Lab, but will continue to inform the cohort as they move forward in their careers.

  • Case Study: Yello Brick and pervasive gaming

    yello brick is a creative marketing agency that builds engaging and participatory experiences for brands and organisations. These unique experiences centre around story and are created by utilising digital, theatrical and art based forms. The company formed by Julian Sykes and Alison John was created with playfulness at it’s core.  yello brick seek to explore how stories can be told in new and participatory ways and how playful interventions can inspire people to engage.

  • Masterclass in Mutliplatform Storyworlds: Adipat Virdi

    Adipat Virdi studied Architecture before deciding to make films. Having studied at both Oxford and Cambridge, Adipat has qualifications that include Creative Writing, Marketing and Design, Strategy and Innovation. Adipat set up MAAJI PRODUCTIONS to develop socially responsible projects and has gone on to practice Transmedia Story Architecture where he has written and produced various projects and set up TRANSMEDIOLOGY as a hub for designing experiences, engaging audiences and managing communities within brands and storyworlds.

  • Channel 4 Multiplatform production: Jody Smith

    Jody Smith works at Channel 4, as Multiplatform Commissioning Editor, Entertainment and Comedy. As well as having a stupidly long job title, Jody is responsible for commissioning projects such as The Million Pound Drop play-along game, and a mobile app for Facejacker that uses audio triggers to unlock content as you watch the show.

    He commissioned a game to introduce the animated sitcom, Full English, where users could explore a fully interactive narrative, featuring the show’s full voice cast, and The Bank Job game which was used to cast contestants for the show.

    He also looks after Comedy Blaps – an online pilot scheme that is revolutionising the way Channel 4 finds and nurtures new comedy talent. Previously at Channel 4, he launched and ran e4.com, leading the online campaigns for dramas such as Misfits and Skins. Before that, he worked at the BBC.

  • NESTA One to Ones: Percy Emmett

    Percy started his career in the creative industries over twenty five years ago and has set up and run creative businesses in women's wear design, ceramics, publishing and graphic design. He offers training and coaching to those in creative businesses and has worked with over 900-pre starts up and starts up businesses over the last 10 years.

  • Crossplatform Producing Masterclass:: Kevin Moss

    PlayThisNext is a cross platform development company. Equally at home developing concepts in TV,  mobile,  game platforms – our focus is solely on the viewer – delivering a creative product that delights,  disrupts and empowers. With backgrounds in digital,  branding and gaming our ambition is to develop content with an edge.

  • Studio Visit and all-day workshop: Kibu

    Media Lab in Budapest

  • Masterclass: Interaction Modalities (Agoston Nagy)

    This workshop covers the basic concepts and theories of interaction design. User experience, cognitive aspects, contextual programming and different interaction modalities will be covered during the introductory speech. It is then followed by a short hands-on session where participants can try out some existing, widely available consumer interface technologies. These readymades are easily programmable and adaptable into cross-media projects where different storytelling narratives cover different contexts of user situations. We will investigate how to deal with public spaces (kinect, geodata, motiontracking), environmental behaviors (sensors, wii, arduino), personalized experiences (tablet devices, phones, leap motion).


  • Multiplatform Pipelines Masterclass: Troels Linde

    Troels Linde today heads up the EUCROMA training program and bring both academic and professional experience to bear in the position. EUCROMA is an international training program in development of cross / transmedia projects, which integrate digital animation and games.  The training brings together talented European students to learn aligned development methods and innovative collaboration routines. Previous positions as senior lecturer in games production, a position as CEO and a life in movie making has provided Troels with a combined insight in the games and movie industries, which allows him to migrate knowledge between the fields of games and animation.

  • Masterclass: Presentation Skills: Natália Fábics


    Natalia is a PR consultant who works for a range of clients offering strategic planning, media consultation and communication.

  • User Centred Design Masterclass: Nicolas Espsoito

    Doctor and engineer (computer and minor philosophy / technology / cognition) 
    Teacher-researcher, Head of Research (Gobelins L'Ecole de L'Image)

  • Interaction Design Masterclass; Beatrice Lartigue

    Béatrice Lartigue is an art director with a poetic and humanistic approach. She enjoys designing for people, regardless their age or their technological background. Béatrice likes having a global vision of the projects she’s working on, and using her skills in architecture to think about spaces around physical installations. Oh, and she really knows her way around knitting.


  • Interaction Design Masterclass: Etienne Mineur

    Born May 1968, he graduated from ENSAD (École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) in 1992. Cofounder and art director of INDEX PLUS in 1992. Freelance art director for numerous agencies including Hyptique (Paris) and Nofrontiere (Vienna, Austria). Cofounder and art director of design workshop INCANDESCENCE (est. 2000). Teacher for the Art school of Rennes, lecturer for numerous schools and events such as "Les Gobelins", Strasbourg "decorative arts", Sup Telecom in France and abroad (China, Japan, Switzerland, USA, Austria, Mexico…). Etienne has been a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) since 2000 and a member of "designers interactifs" since 2006. 

  • Monetisation Masterclass: Jade Raad

    Jade Raad has been with Channel4 for over 7 years working and heads up the Partnership Activation division. The remit of which is to amplify commercial partnerships in to media beyond the screen. She has developed campaigns in all areas of the media landscape, including Mobile, Digital, Experiential and social for a wide variety of fortune 500 clients as well as smaller upstarts. The main ambition with all her work is to make a client’s investment work harder by leveraging the opportunities within the Channel 4 portfolio – and create innovative and inspiring campaigns that tick boxes on both sides of the fence editorial and commercial.

  • Budgeting and Scheduling Masterclass: Antonio Gould

    Antonio has 15 years’ experience in digital production, concept development, user experience design and strategy. He's worked on a wide range of digital projects for companies such as Channel 4, the BBC, Bauer Publishing and The Open University. He specialises in games, website, mobile apps, and has a special interest in the usage of digital in education. You can find out more about him here. Antonio will be talking about the role of the producer and how to turn great digital ideas into real, working projects - with a particular focus on scheduling and budgeting. Using light touch approaches which don't involve loads of beauracracy Antonio will show you the best way to bring projects in on time and on budget.

  • Studio Visit: Upian Paris

    Both design studio and interactive production company, Upian is a team of 15 people and four businesses: webdesign, flash, development and production.

    Established in 1998, Upian specializes in web design and development media sites or sites services that place the user at the heart of issues of ergonomics.

    Today Upian is also known to the public through his work as a publisher and producer: Presidentielles.net, Thanatorama, Gaza Sderot and Prison Valley are programs that have successfully met all important audience in France and the world.

  • Mentor: Corrado Morgana, Wales

    Corrado Morgana is an artist, electronic musician, curator and educator. He is currently programme leader for Computer Games Design at University of South Wales. He is reasearching arts and videogames crossover practice, specifically transgressive and subversive production within existing game engines. Alongside HTTP/Furtherfield.org, an international media arts collective, he has co-curated 'Zero Gamer' and  'Game-Play', national touring exhibitions which explore game spectatorship and independent and experimental production.

  • Mentor: Agoston Nagy, Hungary

    Agoston usually works with sounds, images, movements (physical devices) using free and opensource tools. He is interested in interaction design, experimental media, generative arts. He is designing experimental interfaces, developing dynamic systems for networked installations. He also likes hacking, altering functions of existing devices and ordinary objects. He regularly gives workshops and courses on interaction design using the Processing & Pure Data programming.

  • Mentor: Adam Martin, Wales

    Adam Martin specialises in Interactive and Digital Media production and currently teaches on the Interactive Media, Computer Games Design, and Advertising Design programmes at the University of South Wales. He has extensive experience with digital media software development for commercial and research-based projects. His interests include rapid application development for mobile platforms and working with non-traditional interfaces such as: Arduino, Kinect, augmented reality, location based systems and wearable technologies.

  • Mentor: Richard Hurford, Wales

    Richard is a part time Senior Lecturer for the BSc (Hons) Computer Games Design course at University of South Wales. He has a background in Computer Science and Interaction Design. Currently his main areas of interest are games engines, game design & development processes, project management and interactive mobile app development. While not at the university Richard has worked on various commercial projects, including interactive social web projects for Peter Gabriel's Realworld Studios and on location based and music/video mobile apps with several companies, he is currently working closely with WholeWorldBand, a music video mobile app.

  • Mentor: Andy Smith, Wales

    Dr Andy Smith is the Academic  Subject Leader for Performance, Games, Animation and Music for the School of Film, Photography and Digital Media at the University of Wales, Newport. Andy's main specialism is in theatre directing, and he holds a degree in Drama from Aberystwyth University and a PhD from the University of Glamorgan. Andy has taught in Drama and Theatre departments across the UK, including Reading, Bath Spa, Glamorgan and Swansea Metropolitan. Andy has been at Newport since 2004. His main interests are in theatre directing and  performance for media including games, motion capture and multimedia drama. 

  • Mentor: Zsofia Ruttkay, Hungary

    Zsófia Ruttkay is associate professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design where she founded and is heading the Creative Technology Lab at the Department of Visual Communication. She runs student projects applying the technology for socially relevant, useful applications (e.g. serious games, e-learning, cultural heritage) and brings together interdisciplinary teams to turn ideas to prototypes and real-life implementations.  She has two PhDs, one on Computer-Aided Design, and one on Computer Facial Animation. She has 25 years research records in artificial intelligence, computer graphics and human-computer interaction.  She has been experimenting with the use of gestures for interaction e.g. with touch-tables. 

  • Mentor: David Tardiveau, France

    In 1999 David created www.yazo.net , a French web site dedicated to Flash and ActionScript (over 2 millions visitors in 10 years). Between 2000 and 2010 he produced numerous interactive animations made in Flash.  He has given lectures on Flash and ActionScript in schools and universities all over France and he has also written seven books dealing with Actionscript. Since 2009/2010 he has developed an interest in interactive digital publication. David Tardiveau is presently teacher/coordinator at "GOBELINS, l'école de l'image" in the multimedia department .